E. A St.

by Pastel Motel

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released May 13, 2016

Ryan Maxey Vocals, Guitar, Piano

Ricky Maxey Vocals, Guitar

Jerry Gamez Drums

Eric DeLeon Bass

All music written, performed, engineered, and mixed by Pastel Motel

Mastered by Troy Glessner
Additional credits:
Lyrics for Animalism, E. A St. Parts I-VII & XI-XII, Exit 84, and Deprivation written by Ryan Maxey.
Lyrics for E. A St. Part IX, Blanket, and Time Traveling written by Ricky Maxey.
Additional lyrics and concept for E. A St. part V contributed by Jerry Gamez.
Brush drums on Exit 84 by Ryan Maxey.
Synthesizer on E. A St. Part VI by Eric DeLeon & Ryan Maxey.
Synthesizer on Time Traveling by Ricky Maxey & Ryan Maxey.
All additional synthesizers, choral arrangements, Mellotro, and organ by Ryan Maxey.



all rights reserved


Pastel Motel Yakima, Washington

Perceptive, yet accessible, Pastel Motel blends art rock and progressive pop to create a distinguished sound that is both relevant, and reverent to the past. Despite abundant praise for their debut album, the band from Yakima, Washington is primarily known for their exciting, improvisational live shows.

The latest release "E. A St." is not on bandcamp, but is available on iTunes, Spotify, etc.
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Track Name: Time Traveling...
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Track Name: Animalism (Parts 1-3)
Black, pillars and plumes 
Climb the sky and cocoon 
Architectural tombs
We left, everything that we owned 
In our ill-fated homes 
While the bright sirens droned. 

Climbing the hills as the exiled, 
Leaving the fire for the wild. 

Left, bound to never return 
Our culture has burned 
Since the residents turned. 
We built, until the earth fought us back 
Hunted down by the pack 
under skies painted black. 

Human progress in shambles. 
Slaughtered by the animals. 
Grasping, a future intangible 
And now, we are the animals. 
Grasping, this future intangible 
And now, we are the animals.
Track Name: Blanket
So warm, I can’t seem to throw you away
Because I’m cold, you bring back my yesterday
But on your face there’s a burn from a cigarette
And it’s still burning

Well, something’s gotta break
I can’t seem to shake this
Holding on to something stale, so stale

Soft and blue, oh you feel just as I do
And all my strength,
she took it in her arms
And in its place
there’s a screaming I can’t stop
But I could never stop it, no

Oh you keep my sanity
No you reap my sanity
You don’t keep me warm anymore
Track Name: E. A St. Part I. No Place
She’s got a lot to say
But she’s looking now to sell
She wastes the day away
In her colored duct tape cell.
The figments in her head
Lock the door and throw the key
“Who needs friends,” she says
“With such lovely enemies?”

She says,
“There’s no place I’d rather be
Living imperceptibly.
There’s no place I’d rather find
Either way I wouldn’t mind.”

She’s got a lot to say
But no one to say it to.
She’s lying to herself.
But can’t prove that it’s not true.
She’s hatching secret plans.
No one buys them anyway.
She has a time machine
But it will leave her yesterday.
Track Name: E. A St. Part IV. The Illusion
Sometimes she finds it worthwhile
To rewind and re-find her smile
The good times, the bad times she recalls
Prior to the fire that started it all.
She goes back in time again
Track Name: E. A St. Part V. Everything is Okay
There is something lodged into her head
She can’t fish it out
The tools are underneath her bed
In the house burning down

It burns away,
“But everything is okay.”

Stranded and astray,
“But everything is okay.”

There are no family or friends
To hold back this girl
Each insurmountable wave is a drop in an ocean on top of 
her world, and still she’ll say “Everything is okay.”
Track Name: E. A St. Part VII. East A Street
Somewhere on East A Street
Standing there, five-foot-three,
With such sad words
So rehearsed

Her car’s “breaking down” each day
Calamity pays her way
Innocent trade in

She waves with a crooked smile
Cavalier in grace and style.

Residents speculate
They’re living in a dangerous place
Well, at night
Maybe they’re right.

I can feel the wolf’s disguise
Being pulled over my eyes
And down it floats
Around my throat

…But when the day fades
She’ll be waiting in the shade
With a rusted, old switch-blade.
Track Name: E. A St. Part IX. Grey
She had a look I could not ignore
Kind eyes soft lips and so much more
A fragile touch that could tame
the wildest beast
So baffled by her beauty

Appearances are misleading
I'll tell you that
Don't be naive it’ll set you back
Eyes blind to what our hearts desire

She has a tongue fit for politics 
I tell you, friend, it’s sadistic
She's so grey up in her head 
But her favorite color is crimson red

And that’s all I seem to see today
She had me in so many ways
How can she go on living this life?
Track Name: E. A St. Part XI. Escaping
Something in her eyes
Spoils the surprise
The switch is pulled, gears spin free, 
revolving round, unstintingly

What is worse, her apathy?
Or the way she digs into me?

Her heart is like this floor
Cold, hard, decor.  
Tumble down, into the black
Below the boards,
to never come back
Track Name: E. A St. Part XII. .IIX
“There’s no place I’d rather be
Living imperceptibly.
There’s no place I’d rather find
And either way I wouldn’t mind.”
Track Name: Exit 84
I packed my bags and left
The city lights
The world had its way with me
And it was time to find another life
Drops of rain slithered down
The windshield glass
The trees and mountains faded in,
Into my foggy view at last.
Alone upon this mountain home
The air was free
Months and months crept by until
I could see

The peaceful tranquility, was nothing more
Than a lawless chaotic mess, just like before.

I packed my bags and left 
The mountain’s heart
To live on the forest’s edge
The middle ground, to once again restart.
Track Name: Deprivation
fall like bread crumbs to the ground
Detonate without a sound
A silent counsel from the crown.

And so, the rumors whispered in our ears,
Incomplete and insincere, 
Fueling ignorance with fear.

This is a deprivation
Withholding information
from everyone

We, the naive, still receive
Our opinions and beliefs
From the federal factories

Until, this old opposition’s grown
Financial empire overthrown
We’ll have to find it on our own